Pouzdro / obal na Samsung Note 2/3 - na opasek Chic VIP Model 4

Elegant Chic eco-leather horizontal case. Fastened with a magnet, in the middle finished with soft suede. Cover with a classic, elegant design allows safe and convenient storage of your phone. On the back of a mount which enables easy attachment eg. to the belt. Case has clasp magnet and side protection to prevent free sliding of the device. Soft suede inside the case protects the screen from scratches and damage. Cover is made of soft-touch eco-leather with a careful finish. Stitching on the sides provide additional durability case. Material: Eco-leather & suede Dimensions (mm): 151,10 x 80,50 x 9,40 mm Colour: Black

Kód produktu:P3897

Dostupnost:skladem | zboží můžete mít již v středa 30. 9. 2020

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Cena: 350 Kč