Sportovní opasek černý

Kód produktu:P49887

Dostupnost:Skladem | zboží můžete mít již v úterý 23. 7. 2024

Dostupnost na prodejnách: Prodejna Globus Olomouc - Pražská 39
Prodejna Centrála Olomouc - Litovelská 118/12
Prodejna Senimo Olomouc - Pasteurova 10
Prodejna Šternberk - Obchodní 2554/1
Prodejna Zlín - Tyršovo nábřeží 5496
Prodejna Přerov - Čechova 3491/26

Cena: 300 Kč

Illuminated exercise belt. Allows visibility on a dark, unlit road. Perfect for many types of exercises, including running, cycling or climbing. Three LED lighting modes allow good visibility for drivers even on quite unlit roads. The blue light makes the wearer visible from afar. Smartphone pocket allows you to securely hold your device always close to you, while a built-in zip fastener prevents it from falling out. Headphone hole allows you to conveniently store and use the headphones while exercising with your belt. Splash resistance makes the product perfect for exercising in demanding conditions. Powered by a replaceable battery - when it is flat, you only need to replace it to continue enjoying the belt function. Perfect for many types of exercise, such as jogging, cycling, nordic walking or mountain climbing. Specification: Battery: 2x CR2032 Weight: 65g Belt size: 3.8*67 cm Pocket size: 7.5*24 cm
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